My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips

BEST SEO TIPS Today you’re going to see my fifteen absolute best ceo tips ever have use these exact strategies to back in the first page google for keywords like on page you were research and make building the best part other chips i’m going to share with you are insanely actionable and in the founders back lingo and in this video i’m going to re feel my favorite were research strategy what i have learned from analyzing one million google search results and in use your technique that’s crushing right now state in


My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips (That Get Results)

For reveals chip never one a quick word of warning the chips i’m about to share with you aren’t here today god’s tomorrow our strategies that stop working after a few months in fact i’ve used some of these techniques in some way back into thousand and twelve and they still work way why because my steel tips give google what it wants so whether you’re watching on this today are three years from now you can use the techniques in this video so to get higher rankings and more traffic so without further do let’s i’ve writing with chip number one which is to use short your girls when i first started with had used the first your so that patterns in my hand and don’t let too long ugly girl like this today i make sure our only use short your else why because all things being equal you your roles rank better and long your else in fact there’s recently analyzed one million google search is and we discovered that short urals rank best and google move on to test number two which is touse amazon for a keyboard ideas did you know that you can use john for keywere research well

My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips (That Get Results)


You can here’s how first find a popular book in your neton amazon next check out the books table of contents each chapter is apotential topic or key what idea finally pound the chapter titles yourfavorite human research tool to see if they get search for and google nowit’s time for a third which is the optimize your title tag for see iprobably don’t need to tell you that you should included target keywordinner title tag what you might not know is that you also want to optimizethe title tag for click trade why to reason first when you improve us it youare you get to graphic without needing high rankings for example let’s seethat you’re number four free started keyword if you double your seats youryou double your traffic the second google recently stated that they use itthey are as a ranking signal and this makes sense if you think how about itif lots of people click on your result it sends a clear message to googlethat this page is a great result for the skier and they give you are rankinghis boost bottom line atomized your total tag just for few words about firstsee to i’ll show exactly how to boost your click three later in this videobut for now let’s i mean to stick number four which is to published contentthat at least two ones seven eight hundred and ninety words remember thetrack key factors study that i mentioned earlier well whatever most interesting findings was that we’re content tended to write better than theshort content in fact we found that the average first page result and googlecontain do one thousand her and ninety words yes there goes against the idea that people online have short attention spans but the data proves this clearly isn’t true because the fact is this when you create a high value resource people will want to read it even if it’s a really long for example live opposed to my blog called him so the definitive guide this post is over five thousand words and it makes on the top the three google from my rd keyword common the bottom line it you have a piece that you really want toracked make sure it contains at least one thousandth eight hundred and ninety work


of awesome content let’s diver roy into chip number fiveused title tag modifies believe it or not but most of you search engine traffic comes from very long the specific searches for example someone searching for a new pair of slippers my search for something like this as you might expect insanely long words like this are going to show up in anycue research tool that they don’t you open a tool how can you possibly optimize around and it’s easy just add modifier is to re title tag some of my favorites title tag motor fires or the current year best review free shipping and checklist so you want to make your title tags looks something like this with a title tag like this you’ll act fruit target keyword fluffy slippers and dozens of long tail keywords too yes my foot slippers just came in the man with that it’s time for a chip number six use cure rich your or else this is a simple whenever you create a yourself from one of your pages make sure contains your target keywords for example here’s a page epochalego optimize around the key co tools as you can see the you’re all as shortwhich is the tip i showed you earlier and you can also see that the


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