On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019

On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019 | Hello and welcome my name is Eric Landers and today I want to be talking about on-page SEO that works in 2019 and beyond we’re gonna be covering what you put on your web page so that Google notices your web page ranks your web page and then sends you all this traffic sales leads customers to your website and ultimately to you so if you’re excited about that you want to make more money you want to rank websites easier this is for you specifically when we talking about the words extra content and images you could put on your page to help get noticed by Google and rank better we’re also in recovering the on-page structure that Google expects to find your website so this is very important if you want to rank on your webpage on Google and also we’re talking about the theme server and code that you could put just help you along the way so

On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019

On Page SEO Ranking

first we’re going to start with the ranking factors so we’re gonna focus on the ranking factors that really make a difference with rankings on Google so you could rank on Google with less backlinks all right so the 2019 fundamentals if you only have five seconds this is gonna be your big crash course into like the bare essentials for ranking on Google first the title tag title tag is probably the most important thing it’s what Google is listed in Google whenever you do searches it’s at the top top top of the page basically at the top of your browser and what you want to do is you want to create a good description of that page and you want to include the key word in the title so include the keyword in title and if you’re not familiar with what a key word is the key word is basically the search term so you want to have that in title plus a bit more you kind of want to have a descriptor so if your your your key word is how to tie a tie well you would maybe include best ways done on how to tie a tie you want to include always a bit more than just a key word to keep it natural

On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019

on-page seo google ranking factors

number two for your main heading which is called the h1 tag in HTML it’s the h1 tag but usually if you’re not very familiar with HTML it’s the big big bold headline on your web page if you’re using WordPress this is taken care of for you automatically and you want to include the key word in the h1 so far we’ve included the key word in two places we’ve included the keyword and the titled we’ve included the key word in the h1 now for the content you want to mention the keyword at least once in the body so preferably near the top so you want to include that keyword once in the title once in the h1 and once in the content probably are usually near the top of the page now so that if you just do that you’re gonna have a good foundation you’re already gonna be on your way here’s a bit of extra stuff that really really helps especially in 2019 so within the content you want to include sub headlines so you want to include sub headlines in the code for that is usually h2 h3 h4 that’s gonna be the HTML code it’s very very easy to do and what you want to do in a sub headlines is you don’t necessarily want to put the exact keyword again you want to use related keywords that describe your content so if you’re talking about things like an umbrella then maybe you’re going to be talking you can have related words such as rain in the sub headline so on a rainy day what do you bring and so forth that’s the type of related words then you don’t want to have in your sub headlines now within the content the extra thing that you need to include is gonna be high quality relevant internal and external links so if you’re talking about umbrellas you want to be linking to resources that deal with umbrellas both on your own website and external links to other websites this is another ranking factor Google looks at hey this page has really good content but does what does it refer other really good content as well and if you do you get a few extra points within the content finally you want to name your images appropriately with keywords in the file name and you want to have keywords in the alt text so both the file names so let’s say we’re going to throw umbrellas once again you could have umbrella drugged JPEG and then the alt text could be umbrella sea or blue umbrella or this is a nice umbrella or so so you will post eclis

On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019

on page seo ranking factors

you want to have both in a file name so the name and DL tix and ultimately that’s it like this is the fundamentals and if you just walk away from weight from on page or this video with just this you’re gonna be doing better than most people on internet but there’s more there’s a lot more and let’s dive right into it I have bonuses for you I have a starting template so if you’re not too sure on what you should do and you want a recipe they can use really quickly here’s one what I typically do is I’ll have between a thousand two hundred and two thousand words I’ll have between three and 12 images one title four to eight sub headlines one to three internal relevant links one to three relevant external links one table of content and one bullet list so bullet list is kind of like here you can see on the right like right kind of like factories like this does this does this that’s a bullet list just kind of like a list those really seem to help and rank on Google so that would be my super easy formula to find and I have more stuff for use so once you use my my my structure kind of like my starting point my template then I usually take it to the next step and I do a bit of refining and the way I do refining I’m gonna break it down so it’s really easy and simple for you and anyone could do this is I just look at the top three results on Google and I look compared to my starting structure compared to my starting template are they producing a longer content already using many more images are they repeating the search terms excessively or barely using them RT doing anything special that distinguishes them from the competition so is there a table is there a calculator usually I just look at the top three result and I see the the trend that Google is ranking all these types of pages for instance at one point I was looking up tattoos because we had a member inside traffic research I wanted to rank for tattoos and when we’re looking up top through pages we noticed that every single page in the top three had 20 plus images so that meant that when

On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019

on page seo checklist

Google was looking for a result they’re rewarding more images so we just took our template same exact thing and instead of having three to twelve images we bumped it up to around 15 images and his page ended up doing it really really well so very very simple look at that once you use the less I should go back once you have this starting template then you just go look at the top three results and just tweak it slightly based on what you see all right moving on we want to add the related words so that’s really the magic touch that will distinguish you from someone else who is basically following a similar structure what you want to do is you want to make your page as relevant as possible and the way you do that is by adding a ton of related words in fact it’s really hard to go overboard with related words some just make him try to find all the related words to your topic to your keyword and add them on your page so for instance if we are talking about umbrellas related words would be things like rain parasol coat water walking accessories wooden metal Beach patio so the way you find these related words there are tools that can give you a bunch of related words but usually just using common sense is good enough and what you could do also do is just do a google search for your for your search term and most of the time within that first page you’re gonna see a ton of related words so let’s take a look right here I did a search for umbrella here says umbrella parasol wooden metal you’re gonna have a plastic pole and then you can kind of CEO umbrellas for the beach patio accessories and so forth and just by looking at that you’re gonna be able to say oh yeah these words are all related these three words are all related add those into your content

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you’re gonna do just that much better and it’s so easy to do the next thing you want to do is you will also want to look for synonyms so are there any synonyms for your related words you want to add those as well there’s a small little trick that a lot of SEO is have known for a while is that whenever you do a search on Google Google will automatically bold all the synonyms and all the words that it thinks are strongly related so first up for instance if you search for a woman it will also bold the girl because it knows that girl is the same as woman which is the same as female and it’ll basically bold all those keywords so here in our example you can see that a bold umbrella and in bold the plural umbrellas and basically that’s all it found so far for umbrellas so whenever you’re doing a search also pay attention to the bold words add them into your copy that’s just gonna help you that extra a little bit all right so now we’ve gone over the basics we’ve gone over tweaks you’re really rocking right now honestly if you just did this you’d be ahead of 99% of the people on internet but I have more for you so let’s dive into some special tricks that give you an extra ranking edge now the first in a trick or a first set of tricks that are going to be in direct page boosters and what I mean by that is they’re not specific ranking factors when as soon as Google crawls but they are long-term ranking factors the reason for those is because Google will rank your page higher the more people click on it and all these things are going to help increase the amount of people clicking on your page so if you put these on your page after maybe a month after maybe 2 months 3 months you’re gonna end up ranking higher than someone that doesn’t do this so what am I talking about first breadcrumbs breadcrumbs are awesome because they will transform your listing on Google and they’re gonna give you a nice little structure like this see how it here I don’t really have it I just have one straight URL here they have.

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Lenovo home laptops and sometimes they even have subcategories of laptops that’s what breadcrumbs does it makes your listing look really nice so that’s a good thing definitely want to add breadcrumbs on your page the next thing is gonna be meta descriptions you want to have a high quality Meta Description that encourages the click and people will read your description say oh yeah this is really what I want and click on your listing more that will help you rank higher the next thing is gonna be Rich Snippets now Rich Snippets I could make an entire video on that there are so many different types of Rich Snippets you just put so much stuff but one of the ways or one of the things that you could do is you could add code and eventually get rating so here we have a rating right in terms of written and what this ends up doing is it attracts the eye and people end up clicking on this because you have a rating so here I have 4.7 out of 267 votes people see this they’re gonna more likely to click on this and therefore it’s gonna convey to Google that this page is what people are looking for finally one of my favorite tricks is going to be a table of content and a table of content ends up being a listed at the bottom right here so people could actually just click on this and go directly to the category that they want and on top of that you end up taking more of the page so these are some tricks that I would definitely recommend adding to your page if you want to get that long term boost it won’t hurt it won’t help you right at the beginning but then after a little while when your pages

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the index and people are clicking it’s going to give you more and Google is gonna rank you higher so these are some advanced tricks that you could definitely implement and to get that extra little edge now what about some additional tricks now inside traffic research and if you don’t know about I have traffic I run traffic research which is a private membership for people that really want to rank well on Google get a ton of sales customers it’s for agencies and also people just starting up a website and people that you want to rank their website on Google and inside I have a concept called riding the wave where we rank higher by adding few a few words to a page so if you haven’t seen that that is gonna be one super video to get that little extra tweak that I don’t really share with that many people and another way you could also and here’s a free like way of adding a freshness basically because most of the time Google will reward freshness over a stale pages so if your page is three years four years old usually not always but usually that it’ll reward fresher pages because usually usually users prefer fresher content so what you could do is you could add related comments that provide both relevance and also updates to freshness on your page and if you if you’re say you have a stale page it’s been sale for two years three years you could add some related comments not only will that tell Google that hey people are leaving there’s activity on this page so it’s gonna refresh the freshness and but also when people land on your page funny enough a lot of times people spend more time reading the comments than they do reading the actual main content so that will lead to a longer on-page time which Google will notice and say okay well this must be a better page because when people land on this page is spend like ten minutes as opposed to this other page where they spend 20 seconds and then go back to Google so adding related comments won’t directly make you rank better however because of the additional related terms and because of the freshness boost and because people might stay longer on your page

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these are all kind of like indirect ways that you could boost your rankings on Google all right so these are some more advanced additional tricks now let’s talk about some basic tricks that you should definitely implement as well one things is you definitely want to run your content through a grammar checker you want to make sure that a robot is checking your grammar because Google ultimately is a robot and they’re gonna check your grammar like a robot so if what I prefer to do is I just run my all my content and all my published content through grammar early and I’m not associated with gramley I just think they have a free service where they just check your grammar make sure you don’t have any typos make sure you don’t have a lot of spelling mistakes make sure you have proper grammar this doesn’t matter that much if through Google but it does it does have that small tweak and plus your readers are really going to enjoy it the next thing is if you want to find additional keywords you could run your traffic your content through text tools my traffic research comm slash text to increase relevance this is gonna give you extra keywords that you might have forgotten so for instance when we were talking about umbrella rain all that stuff you could run your content say oh am I missing any words especially if you’re not experienced you can just run it through this tool it is a paid tool and that that could actually give you an extra few words that you might have missed all right moving on let’s talk about some myths and misconceptions on about on page so this is about there’s a bunch of false

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information about on page and there’s a bunch of things that you might want to avoid here are some things that actually don’t do anything so we’ve tested this and adding a pdf version of your content kind of like the same content but just PDF download there’s absolutely nothing the next thing is meta keyword it does nothing on Google now there might be other search engines that still use it or not but it does nothing on Google Google kind of ignores the meta keywords font size whether you have big fonts small fonts medium fonts that does absolutely nothing we’ve tested in site traffic research there’s nothing social buttons that also does nothing so move on pop-ups that also doesn’t affect rankings now it could indirectly affect rankings if people get really annoyed with your website you see a big pop up they can’t leave they go back to Google that will affect your rankings however generally and directly that will not because if people just see the pop up they say not I wanted to close it you and then they continue browsing your website that won’t affect rankings whatsoever what you do want to avoid when your deal with the ideal page you want to craft like a really good on page is you want to avoid linking to low quality pages

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so if your website or even in the comments someone’s linking to like a casino page and you’re talking about some some health product that is going to be linking to a low quality page Google will not like that and they will ding you a few points you’re gonna rank lower the next thing is you don’t want to link to competing pages you want to link to relevant pages yes but not competing pages so if you’re trying to create a page on an umbrella the best umbrella let’s say that that is your keyword you want to rank for best umbrella then don’t link to another page that is also trying to link to rank for best umbrella you might want to link to patios you might want to link to the beach you might want to link to related terms but don’t link to a competing page because if Google sees one page linking to another competing page is going to assume that that competing page is better because it is receiving the link so don’t do that instead relate a link to related content but not competing content another thing is having 3 plus opt-ins opt-ins are usually like where you ask people to enter your email so hey hey subscribe to a newsletter all that stuff you could have a few definitely have a few it’s a great tab on a website but don’t do it in excess so if you have three or more that tends to be excessive asking people for their email all over the place usually I say try one or two max the next thing is gonna be having excessive ads especially above the fold that’s something you want to avoid the next thing is gonna be over optimization so if you put your keyword too many times if let’s say you just have a title and title is just your keyword and there’s it’s not natural or anything like that that could leave that could lead to down ranking the next thing is gonna be duplicate or very similar content if you just copy someone else’s content you don’t add anything else you’re not gonna rank and finally diluting the relevance diluting the relevance is something that a lot of people do without even knowing or without even thinking what they’ll do is they’ll add a ton of sub headlines

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they’ll add like ten sub headlines and but the sub headlines won’t be relevant so for instance if we’re talking on brought some umbrellas and you’re sub headlines are things like introduction conclusion comments what we think read this and so forth that doesn’t really tell Google that your content is about umbrellas instead you want this sub headlines to be about your main content and that is going to increase relevance instead of diluting it so make sure you don’t dilute your to accidentally dilute your relevance and if you are talking about umbrellas and submit your sub headlines might be things like the best umbrella to bring it to a beach or umbrellas for a rainy day or and so forth and so forth so that’s the type of sub headlines you want you don’t want to have weird sub headlines like intro conclusion and all that stuff alright so moving on we’re gonna be talking about structure and code we’re almost done guys for your page so you could rank better on Google so in terms of structure you want to make sure you have a relevant URL permanent link name so it’s long long terminology basically it’s what this slash and the extra slash is after you want to make it as short as possible while having all the important keywords so if we are trying to talk rank about rank on dogs we might have a dog categories dogs category and anyone can have if we’re writing an article on Labradors we might want to have slash labrador we want to have a relevant domain name if possible that actually helps as well and we also want to place it in a related category so once you start getting a bunch a ton a ton of documents tons of information you’re gonna have to eventually start putting it in categories so you have breeze slash golden retriever if you could get a country TLD so say you want to rank in Canada and you want to add a dot CA that’s gonna help you rank even better if you’re in Germany it’ll be a dot D if you’re in France dot fr and so forth that little extra country TLD will help so that is basically the the idea with the little structure sometimes when you just write a post in WordPress you’re gonna have a long long long string try to shorten it up remove the stuff that’s not necessary so if you’re if your post is the best umbrellas that we found under five hundred dollars or so you might want to just shorten that up to best umbrellas under 500 I don’t know so you want you just shorten it up and usually the shorter it is with the most keywords will be better and try to get it as close to the root as possible sometimes it won’t be possible sometimes gonna have category sometimes people have extra stuff but try not to have super long URLs try to have shorter URLs that’s gonna help you rank all right moving on server guidelines now server guidelines is basically the last piece and it’s kind of a bonus we’ve gone over the on page basically what you want to know is you want to have a page load speed of 3 seconds and less so if your page is really really heavy has a lot of stuff you really need a fast server otherwise people are gonna be loading your page forever they’re gonna bounce off and you’re going to go down Google rankings one thing that really helps is having the HTTP protocol especially in 2019 you want to have secure website provides you a tiny tiny little boost last neck moving next now not less you want to have uptime so uptime is basically does your server ever go down so basically you will always want your server to be available whenever people request your website is always there and that will help you rank the next thing is gonna happy to have a clean IP address this is a bit more advanced if you especially if you’re starting out but you want to use a reputable hoax some shady or cheaper hosts will be using one IP for many many many many many different websites

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when that happens if your neighbors that are sharing your IP are putting out spam or have really low quality content that could actually affect you and you might not even know it so if you’re starting out you want to rank your website you wanted to bring as well as possible just make sure you get yourself a clean IP or use it a good host so using a good host can actually make a difference in terms of your rankings next you want to have a unique design and theme so have a responsive design that it works at both on mobile and desktop I think this is straightforward especially today you want to have clean code and CSS what you could do is there’s a test called the w3 test it is free you put in your URL it’ll analyze your code and tell you if you have any errors or not do you want to pass a test you also want to make sure your page is mobile-friendly and Google actually has a mobile tester just google google mobile tester it’ll be there it’s free it’ll tell you yes or no and finally there’s the Google speed tester that gives you a ton of extra on-page information so it’s developer at Google slash calm slash speed slash PageSpeed slash insights so they they do not have a nice little short URL if anything if I wanted to optimize their URL for rankings I would be developers.google.com slash speed now be it and that would be a good URL alright so moving on in fixing Google’s little URLs let’s finally talk about the secrets to getting customers and sales with Google traffic so we’ve gone over a lot of on-page i’ve crammed a ton of information down I hope you bookmark this they gave it a thumbs up and saved this video in your favorites and all that so you can refer to it later but secret to getting customers Google is traffic your sales is to have really good on-page like we just went over plus traffic research Authority links traffic research user experience and some of the insider tricks that we treat inside traffic research if you combine all of this you could have absolutely insane growth in 2019 much more than nearly everyone on the internet most people on the internet don’t know what they’re doing and that’s why it’s so easy when you do know on how to get Google traffic so if you combine user experience with some of our awesome links some of our awesome tricks you could quickly launch a new website that drives traffic to your business

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we’ve done a lot of case studies in site traffic research and we help our members in site traffic research here’s one where we grew from zero to three thousand visitors daily in a very very short period of time so the neutral opportunities are here well everyone should come on over to all these like Instagram and all that people still have websites people are searching billions of people are searching each and every day and getting free Google from try out free traffic from Google as one of the best ways to get traffic money and sales so if you ever you want we have my traffic research com we are here to help you achieve your traffic goals we’re releasing training and we’re helping people inside each and every single day so if you have any questions comments hit like subscribe for more always posting videos on this channel as well all the juicy stuff is inside my traffic research calms I hope you see you inside there as well talk to you soon man

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On Page SEO Ranking Factors 2019