Process Of Achieving The Desired Produced Article Needs Lot Of Harmonization

By | August 22, 2019

Social structure is something which is very much dependent on the views of the people of a particular country or city. We often do not want to live in society where we do not get an opportunity to achieve the standard of living that we are used to. Sometimes we can find that a particular society is largely dependent on a key factor for their survival. This key parameter can be agriculture, cottage industry or other heavy industries and commercial activities. A commercial activity is dependent upon several factors such as raw materials, cheap labor, electricity, transportation facility, location of market etc. If raw material required for manufacturing a particular product can be purchased at a lesser price from a market near to the factory of production then the cost of production would be less and the customers can buy the article at a lower price without affecting the profit percentage of the manufacturer. Periodic analysis of cost of production should be undertaken with the help of preparation of cost sheet. Again some of the plants have several stages of processes to get the final outcome. In those cases process costing is required to get the result for each process. Also some by-products may be generated while processing the materials and in many times these by-products has their own demand in the market and the entity can sell them to consumers or other manufacturer for whom this item will be the raw materials for their fabrication procedure. Particularly heavy industries have the by-products generating through their manufacturing activity.

Manpower plays great role for the success of enterprises in long run. People involved with the entity are the main force behind uninterrupted manufacturing procedure or services. Management should be very careful about their mentality while handling work force; staff members as well as workers should get right benefits such as salary, medical allowances, perquisites etc. in order earn their livelihood but at the same staff members should understand their role in the concern and each of them should behave like responsible matured person while serving their respective duties. Co-ordination among several classes is very crucial and vital. Not only material or human resources are alone the key factor but also the support from mechanical equipments is really important. For example devices like oil water separator is used in the working site where heavy oil component or greases are mixed with the residue water and it is necessary to segregate the oil parts from water to ensure hygienic sewage system.

The large machinery can save a lot of human energy to get the ultimate article. At the same time the costs are also very high. So proper cost benefit analysis should be involved with the installation of equipments. Oil plate separator is one of the famous tools used in modern entities. Managerial skill and efforts should be of the higher level so that profit can be earned and at the same time necessary costs in relation to several heads of expenses can also be very well controlled and measured.


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