Reasons You Want To Know Before Buying Food Grade Pumps

By | August 11, 2019

Right from the time man started to take notice of some strange natural phenomenon and calamities like rain, bright sunlight, famine, drought, flood, from that they onwards, he started to apply his knowledge to make life easier on the face of the earth. Since, he did not have any tool to facilitate hunting or save from natural event; he started to make his own set of tools to suit the need. So, age after age, due to specific need, newer principles, innovative ideas, tools, machines, and devices came into picture to make the living much easier. Also, the synchronization between science and technology made it possible to invent or discover outstanding categories of heavy duty, Long-lasting, highly efficient, high performing machines which became a necessity in almost all sectors ranging from food and beverage to aerospace technology, ranging from communication to automobile. Hence, the application of scientific knowledge with technology has given right direction to human civilization right from the day man invented fire or wheel. Science can truly be referred as mankind’s best friend throughout the different ages.

For the movement of adhesives and resins, chemicals, industrial waste water, any type of viscous materials like slurries and sludges and dewatering applications, various types of pumps get used to satisfy the specific need of the industry. Their working principle is transfer of fluid by means of sequence of small, fixed shape, discreet cavities with the turn of the metallic rotor. The steel made durable rotor is fixed inside an elastic helical abrasion resistant stator which is made of Viton, nitrile, natural rubber and EPDM. So, progressive cavity pumps are having valve less structure and self-priming functionalities. It is highly efficient is nature, maintaining stability of pressure and can make the fluid flow in reverse direction as well. Also, it is able to handle multi-phase liquids making it best choice to be used in different sectors across globe.

For the specific need of food and beverage sector, various types of customized, high end pumps are being used. As a whole, they are called food grade pumps which include:-

a. Air operated diaphragmb. Drum, Barrel and Containerc. Helical rotord. Lobee. Peristaltic hosef. Metering or dosingg. Drainageunder sink sullage chambers.

Also, depending upon the situation, they can also be made according to the need of the customers. They are scientifically designed in such a way so that by attaching small parts they can be used for a number of purposes.

For the movement of hazardous, aggressive, dirty, corrosive chemicals or methyl chloride, chromic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid in chemical manufacturing and processing, steel making industry, petrochemical industry mag drive pumps are widely used since they possess seal-less structure and can prevent dry run. Also, they are specifically designed for the worst conditions like up to 120 degree Celsius temperature and up to 20.6 bar pressure. The wet parts are made of high grade ceramics and engineered plastics making it corrosion resistant. It is being designed with a view to ensure operator safety and have less maintenance and operational cost. It also does not emit any toxic fume in the environment making it environment friendly.


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