Why Steam Cleaning Is Better

By | September 29, 2019

Why Steam Cleaning Is Better | Although we don’t have enough time for thorough cleaning, every once in a while we sacrifice a weekend and catch up with the chores around the house. Unfortunately they are too many, most of the time it is impossible to handle everything all by yourself. After all the twenty-four hour day is too short to go to work, clean the house, cook, launder, iron, wash the dishes, tidy the home, make sure the children have written their homework etc.

Why Steam Cleaning Is Better

I feel tired just thinking about the amount of work that awaits every single housewife over the world, not to mention the stress at work. In order to prove ourselves in a job we have to work twice as hard as men and sometimes this isn’t enough. And do I even have to mention that during all the chores and work we have to look like a supermodel? I really hate this understanding that men can gain weight and it is not a big deal, but when a woman does she neglects her look.

Why Steam Cleaning Is Better

This adds around five six hours a week spend in the gym, which leaves us with absolutely no time to sleep. Good thing there are tools which helps us save time and efforts, can you imagine what will we do if there wasn’t a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave, dish-washing machine etc. The bad thing is even with all the technology we still fin it difficult to cope with the housework. However there is one gadget which is universal and can really save you a lot of time.

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool

I’m talking about the steam cleaner, this invention changed the way we clean forever with its simplicity and efficiency. It can be used almost everywhere because the steam kills almost any bacteria and you don’t need any cleaning solutions. This is the most Eco-friendly and green cleaning method of all, but you have to be careful with it. Here are the places where you can sue it without any worries and unleash it’s full power.

The bathroom and I mean the entire place, form the tiles to the sink and toilet the steam cleaner is the perfect tool which will remove limescale and bacteria. You can add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice to use it as air freshener. You may not know this but your mattress and pillows are breeding grounds for dust mites and other germs. Using the steam cleaner will not only freshen the fabric but also exterminate the nasty bugs.

Heading to the kitchen where everything has to be as clean as possible the steam cleaner is extremely handy. Since you can’t use chemicals to clean the oven and microwave there, its is only option to ensure the kitchen is germ free. And now we’re heading to the living-room, where you have a carpet, furniture and drapery to take care for. I’ll give you a piece of advice, do not ever use the steam cleaner on wooden furniture because the heat will most certainly damage the finish.

Moving on to the curtains, be careful because some types are extremely delicate and the heat can damage the fibers. As for the upholstery don’t use steam on leather furniture, also keep in mind that some carpets are moisture sensitive and won’t react well on the treatment. Moreover natural fibred ones can shrink, therefore it is better to contact professional carpet cleaning company.

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